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  • Turkish plane goes around, lands safely
  • Norwegian announces flights to the Caribbean
  • Worker trapped in cargo hold on Alaska flight
  • Copa orders 737 MAX
  • American Airlines receives SOC

Turkish plane goes around, lands safely
April 25 2015 — Jan Fernandez
A Turkish Airlines aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on Saturday morning, an incident that caused no injuries or deaths.

Norwegian announces flights to the Caribbean
April 21 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Norwegian Air Shuttle, the ultra low cost European airline that has angered legacy US carriers, has announced new flights from Europe to the US — via its territories in the Caribbean.

Worker trapped in cargo hold on Alaska flight
April 13 2015 — Jan Fernandez
An Alaska Airlines flight was forced to return to Seattle after a worker was trapped in the cargo hold.

Copa orders 737 MAX
April 10 2015 — Jan Fernandez
A longtime Boeing customer placed an order for more than 60 aircraft, a record deal for its home country, Panama.

American Airlines receives SOC
April 8 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Not long after merging its frequent flyer programs, American has taken another step in pushing the US Airways brand away — receiving a single Air Operator's Certificate.

Virgin America to start Hawaii service
April 7 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Hawaii is a very popular destination for US travelers, and another airline has decided to carry passengers to the islands later this year.

Allegiant pilots cancel strike
April 1 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Allegiant's pilot union, Teamsters, threatened on Thursday to strike for one day later in the week — but the nation's most profitable airline used the law to their advantage.

Air Canada plane hits power lines, exits runway
March 29 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Halifax Stanfield International Airport was left without power after an Air Canada plane hit power lines in the first few minutes of Sunday.

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