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  • First day for Nonstop Love
  • People Express' return delayed
  • A new airline alliance?
  • Virgin Atlantic to axe Little Red
  • Logos now on bellies of Delta aircraft

First day for Nonstop Love
October 13 2014 — Jan Fernandez
The Wright Amendment has hindered Southwest's growth efforts at Dallas' Love Field since 1979, but as of Monday, most of the restrictions are no longer.

People Express' return delayed
October 9 2014 — Jan Fernandez
The relaunch date of October 16 for People Express is just a bit optimistic, says CEO Jeff Erickson.

A new airline alliance?
October 9 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Etihad Airways has always done things different, staying away from large airline alliances and instead investing in other airlines. Now, the Middle Eastern carrier is joining forces with the airlines it has invested in — known as Etihad's Equity Partner airlines — and making its own alliance.

Virgin Atlantic to axe Little Red
October 6 2014 — Jan Fernandez
After BMI was purchased by British Airways' parent, some domestic routes became a monopoly under the airline. Virgin Atlantic, of course, stepped in and bid on the former BMI slots and put them to use.

Logos now on bellies of Delta aircraft
September 28 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Delta has started making changes to their planes, and while it doesn't compare to the changes made by several other airlines this month, it's not insignificant, either.

People Express shutting down temporarily
September 26 2014 — Jan Fernandez
No startup airline wants to suspend flights, but that's exactly what People Express Airlines has done.

Etihad unveils new livery
September 25 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Earlier this year, photos were posted showing a unique new tail design for Etihad aircraft. In August, more photos of the design on both an A380 and a 787 were shown. While teased as a special livery, Etihad is applying it fleetwide.

First flight for the A320neo
September 25 2014 — Jan Fernandez
The A320neo has about 2,000 orders, and it hasn't even flown. On Thursday, the plane took off into the skies for the first time, a milestone for the new type.

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