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  • Delta shrinks Memphis again
  • People Express banned from Newport News terminal
  • First day for Nonstop Love
  • People Express' return delayed
  • A new airline alliance?

Delta shrinks Memphis again
November 21 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Memphis is back in aviation news, and Delta is piling the dust on the city.

Delta orders A350, A330neo
November 19 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Airbus may be lagging behind in the race between the A350 and 787, but it has won another important airline over for this fight.

People Express banned from Newport News terminal
November 11 2014 — Jan Fernandez
People Express will have a hard time coming back, even if they get all their government approvals.

Airlines suspended from Venezuela
November 8 2014 — Jan Fernandez
The Venezuelan government is taking many steps backwards, and the latest is the suspension of many carriers — both domestic and foreign.

First day for Nonstop Love
October 13 2014 — Jan Fernandez
The Wright Amendment has hindered Southwest's growth efforts at Dallas' Love Field since 1979, but as of Monday, most of the restrictions are no longer.

People Express' return delayed
October 9 2014 — Jan Fernandez
The relaunch date of October 16 for People Express is just a bit optimistic, says CEO Jeff Erickson.

A new airline alliance?
October 9 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Etihad Airways has always done things different, staying away from large airline alliances and instead investing in other airlines. Now, the Middle Eastern carrier is joining forces with the airlines it has invested in — known as Etihad's Equity Partner airlines — and making its own alliance.

Virgin Atlantic to axe Little Red
October 6 2014 — Jan Fernandez
After BMI was purchased by British Airways' parent, some domestic routes became a monopoly under the airline. Virgin Atlantic, of course, stepped in and bid on the former BMI slots and put them to use.

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