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  • Spirit changes livery again
  • Air Austral reveals new livery
  • Frontier launches new livery
  • Southwest officially reveals new livery
  • Frontier, Southwest liveries leaked

Spirit changes livery again
September 16 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Spirit is perhaps the most unconventional US airline, putting controversial ads and new fees while flying under Ryanair's Michael O'Leary's strategy that "bad publicity is free publicity". A bigger change happened a few months ago and it's making its way to the airline's livery.

Air Austral reveals new livery
September 14 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Air Austral is returning to profitability, and it's getting a new look. Unlike Southwest and Frontier, both of which revealed their livery last week, nobody was clamoring over rumors of Air Austral rebranding.

Frontier launches new livery
September 9 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Overshadowed by a competitor and a technology company, Frontier didn't go all-out to unveil its new livery. Its third livery in three years, it was shown off in front of a hangar.

Southwest officially reveals new livery
September 8 2014 — Jan Fernandez
After Southwest's new livery was leaked on Saturday, the airline didn't give much attention to it. On Monday, the livery was officially revealed.

Frontier, Southwest liveries leaked
September 6 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines were both planning on revealing new liveries next week. Frontier made it known; Southwest merely had an announcement at it's Dallas Love Field base on Monday.

Delta to paint logo on aircraft belly
September 6 2014 — Jan Fernandez
Airlines are announcing and revealing liveries this month, and for the most part, it's big news. Frontier and Southwest will announce new schemes while American shows off last year's reveal on other planes. However, another airline will soon change theirs up, and while it isn't a big change, it doesn't look bad.

LAN, TAM to unify under single brand
August 23 2014 — Jan Fernandez
LATAM Airlines Group, composed of Chile's LAN and Brazil's TAM, is going to be making some changes very soon. According to Ignacio Cueto, President and CEO of LAN Airlines, a unified brand is one of those changes.

US Airways retires 737 Classic
August 19 2014 — Jan Fernandez
After nearly 26 years of service, US Airways is retiring what was once the backbone of its fleet: The Boeing 737-400.

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